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one happy couch, one show down

Well, our first show is in the books and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The evening started off with Jennifer & Chris (Indee Killed the Pop Star), Jacob Hudson, the Bernkrants (our dynamic duo of married lovebirds Pam & Joel) and of course, me, all enjoying a quiet dinner before our guests arrived. Sharing a meal together is always an intimate experience and this was no exception. I think it was the toasted chickpeas, the paprika or maybe the free flowing conversation that made it so memorable. Hosts don't always cook for their musicians but when they do, it's aways something special.

I don't know about Pam or Joel, but I was pretty nervous leading right on through 7pm, showtime. Would people show up? What if someone couldn't find the address? Is my phone charged enough to take video? What if people show up but forget to pay? Will we have enough money to pay the musicians? Will they want to come back? Did someone remember to invite Glen? Who is going to ring up merch so Indee can talk to her fans? OH MY GOD I JUST BROKE THE VASE!

THE VASE: In my frenzied attempt at being helpful during set-up, I knocked over a glass vase right in front of the doorway as guests were arriving. I was mortified. Cue Pam, "I've been trying to have him get rid of that ugly thing for ten years!" #marriedlife

Ok, so fast forward a few glasses of wine, some laughter, lots of meet n' greets and now it's 8pm, almost an hour past downbeat but hey, that's OK, it's our first one and no one seems to be in a hurry. It's kind of neat watching everyone mingle and get to know each other. There are about 33 people in Pam's house now...

So if you want to hear the music, we did a Facebook LIVE recording but to be honest, you should just check out the artists! There was laughter, sing-a-longs, tears, smiles and a general feeling that "this is why we are here." Musical healing was in the air. I recall a specific instant during Jacob's subtle set that brought me in, it's like he invited my ears closer, and closer, until there was no separation between us. The lyrics really hit home too (he has the BEST coffee mug merch by the way). Then in the next act I remember the faces of our guests as they heard Pamela Elaine perform. There were a handful who hadn't heard her before and I'm so glad they had the opportunity! She went from charming host to MASTERFUL storyteller and lyrical angel; a seasoned artist with something important to say. She'd never approve of me plugging her but seriously, check out her newest video "Gone," here. Highly recommended!

Finally, it was Indee's turn. There was nothing but joy, and it was infectious. I recall her classically trained voice oscillating between highs and lows, a modern-day coloratura feat of incredible dexterity, Chris improvising the most driving of beats and lyrics that outlined a world in which we all mattered and were empowered to take positive action towards creating it. "We the people are equal..." resonated with the entire room as her voice floated above the air with enough power to shape the earth below. You can find that lyric on her merch too! Those shirts were some of the best DIY merch I've ever seen, all unique pieces too!

I really can't say enough about any of these artists. You have to hear them, in person!

Lastly, I recall a moment on the couch as Indee Killed the Pop Star performed that made everything worthwhile. It's rare for me to feel as if I've been successful or accomplished something meaningful, even when presented with evidence. We are our worst critics. So when I got lost in her MAGIC voice and Chris's rhythmic drumming, I opened my eyes briefly and scanned the room. I saw all the people sitting there, smiling, content with their hearts, being exactly who they were, exactly where they were supposed to be, sharing this moment with all of us. It was then I knew we were a success. Even if this was the first and last show, still a success. It was then I knew the Circuit was not a failure, but destined for even more beautiful things. Pam, Joel, +2 points. Well done. There are SO many people to thank, I hope I get the chance to tell everyone's story. So many artists have inspired us, so many fans have encouraged us and pointed the way, thank you. And so many of you came up to us and offered to help. Be patient, we're just learning to crawl but YES, we would love for you to be a part of this. Reach out. Stay connected. Let's do music together. And let me know if you want to guest write the next blog post because I get distracted easily...

With loving kindness,


P.S.- Dear Rachel, those were the BEST STICKERS of my life. Thank you <3

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